Step 6 from The Table Mate

STEP NO. 6 — “Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

1. After admitting our wrong thinking and actions in Step 5 we now do something more than “ADMIT” or “CONFESS”.

2. We now become READY and WILLING to have GOD remove the defects in our CHARACTER.

3. Remember it is OUR character we are working on, NOT the other fellow’s. Here is a good place to drop the CRITICAL attitude toward others — the SUPERIOR attitude toward others.

4. We must clean our mind of wrong thinking — petty jealousy — envy — self-pity –remorse, etc.

5. Here is the place to drop RESENTMENTS, one of the biggest hurdles the alcoholic has to get over.

6. What concerns us here is that we drop all thoughts of resentment — anger — hatred — revenge.

7. We turn our WILL over to GOD and let HIS WILL direct us how to patiently remove, one by one, all defects in our character.

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