Today’s Inspirational Message: Pocket Readings

This is something that I came across, which I enjoy and find helpful.

during “Crisis Times”
(Copyright Floyd H.,1998. Free. Cannot be sold)

(Every moment you feel anxious, bored, restless, irritable, discontent, take this out and read it. Some days in the past, I read it a hundred times. Peace will come if you keep using this tool. In fact, try reading it daily, in or out of crisis, and see what happens in your life!)

*I will leave the care of ____, ____, and ____ in the more capable hands of God.
*I release _____ and her/his future to God.
*I release my child/children to God, the real Parent of all our children (and us).
*I will have no expectations.
*I will make no demands.
*What I resist persists.
*I will cease fighting anybody or anything–I will resist nothing.
*I do not have the power to drive anyone crazy. Each is responsible for doing the work necessary for peace of mind.
*I do not have the power to make anyone stay, or go.
*I do not have the power to make anyone happy or miserable.
*I will love all, even those whose behavior I do not like.
*My goal is peace (of mind).
*My function is to forgive.
*After that, my function is to refuse to judge so that I do not have to forgive.
*There is a rhythm in the universe; I will move to that rhythm. I will relax and take it easy–right now. I will be the water and just flow.
*I am not God, so I do not know what is good or what is bad. In fact, everything just IS, and what IS right now will work out in the future.
*God will take charge only when I stop trying to be the protector or the director.
*I wish for others what I wish for myself–and more.
*I will not seek love; I will just love.
*The present moment is a wonderful moment. Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I KNOW each micro-second is a wonderful moment.
*I will THINK LESS. The past is gone. The future is not yet here. The past is only an IMAGE in my mind of the way I thought it was–and it wasn’t really that way. The future is an IMAGE in my mind of the way I imagine things will be, as if I have THAT capability. HA! I will not allow my thoughts and feelings to be controlled by IMAGES (illusions) that are not even real.
*Everything really is going to be OK.

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