Keep it simple: Connection — Correction — Direction.

This is something that I came across, which I thought was a nice way to formulate program.

Connection — Correction — Direction

Similar to Trust God, Clean House and Help Others:

The three-word-description simplifies  the 12-Step process and help us each achieve the change they are meant to bring about.
Looked at in this way, the first three Steps focus primarily on helping us establish a new CONNECTION with a power that can transform our lives.

Step One convinces us that we’re facing a hopeless condition of mind and body that we can’t possibly overcome by ourselves.

Step Two then invites us to partake in what the Oxford Group people considered to be a very simple experiment. We are to ask ourselves: “Is it at least theoretically possible that there might be a God?” (Not that we know this for sure, but just that there might be!)

If we can answer this question affirmatively, then (as alcoholics and addicts) we need to ask just one additional question before completing the Second Step: “If it is conceivable that God exists, then is it also conceivable that He has the power to change us so we won’t take that first drink or drug ever again?

And if we can answer YES to that question as well, then we are ready to establish our new CONNECTION. In the old days, they did this by saying in their own words Step 3: “God, if you exist, please help me stay clean and sober!” (I wasted twenty years on Step Two trying to come to “an understanding of God” when the whole process was about establishing a CONNECTION that can often be completed in a matter of minutes.)
Steps Four through Nine now shift our attention to making a CORRECTION.

Here we try to CORRECT all the relationships in our life.

In Step Four we take our inventory to see how selfish, and frightened, and disconnected we have been.

In Step Five we share what we’ve found with this newly-found-possibly-existing-God, as well as with our selves and with another human being. That awful feeling of being so different and so very alone in the world now starts being CORRECTED. For some of us, it feels better than alcohol or drugs ever felt!

Then in Steps Seven and Eight we become willing once again and ask this newly-found-possibly-existing-God to CORRECT all the defects of character we have uncovered and that are still separating us from Him, from others, and from who it is we are truly meant to be. (Our job is to become willing and to ask; His job, if He’s there, is to make the CORRECTION that is needed.

In Steps Eight and Nine we set about CORRECTING, as best we can, our broken relationships. As we CORRECT them by making our amends, we feel the CONNECTION increase and the promises listed in the Big Book begin to come true for us as well.

And last but not least, we practice Steps Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

Here we seek and find the DIRECTION that was so lacking in most of our lives.

Daily, we now set aside a Quiet Time in the morning to receive DIVINE DIRECTION for our day and we deepen our CONNECTION through “conscious contact” with the newly-found-possibly-existing-God.

As we do this, we begin to hear his “still, small Voice” that resides inside each and every human heart and mind.

His voice can now be heard because our CONNECTION is strong and we have CORRECTED the things that got in the way of a clear reception.

We begin to “intuitively know” what we need to do next.

Meaning and purpose come into our lives. A spiritual awakening occurs.

The possible-God has become the experienced presence-of-God.

It’s generally not a blinding, white light – but a deepening and simple awareness of who we are and why we are here.

We are here to carry the message and to remake God’s world, One Day at a Time – and One Life at a Time.
Connection. Correction. Direction.
Keep it simple – It works … if you work it!

Adapted slightly from an article by

Fr. Bill Wigmore

One comment

  1. This is an excellent summary
    of the 12 step program of recovery
    in my view. Will gratefully share with
    others. Thank you, Fr. Bill!
    Martha C.
    In Virginia

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