Steps 10 & 11

STEPS 10 & 11: 

DAILY:  (commence this as a way of living-vigorously)

RETIRE AT NIGHT: (constructive review of the day)

Where were you :





Do you owe an apology?

Do you have a secret that needs to be shared?

Were you kind and loving to all?

What could you have done better?

Were you thinking of you most of the time?

Were you thinking of what you could do for others?

1. Ask God’s forgiveness for where you fell short (don’t drift into worry, remorse,morbid reflection)

2. What corrective measures can you take?

3. Think of the 24 hours ahead and consider your plans for the day.

4. Proceed with prayer to direct your thinking. Ask to be divorced from self-pity, dishonest and self seeking motives.

If circumstances warrant join wives [partners] in morning meditation

Select and memorize prayers

Seek guidance through spiritual literature – make it a habit

REACTIVELY (To be done at once)

Discipline yourself – setting right the wrongs immediately.

Continue to watch out for Selfish Resentment Dishonesty Fear

1. Ask God to remove these

2. Discuss them with another

3. Make amends quickly

4. Turn you thoughts to someone you can help.

When faced with indecision, ask for:


An intuitive thought

A decision

Relax and take it easy

Do not struggle

Promise: more of your life will be guided – there will be less projection

You will be shown all through the day what the next step should be.

You will be given what you need to take care of problems

You will have freedom from self-will

You won’t be pray to misery and depression


When agitated or doubtful we ask God for the right action

Continue to say “thy will be done”

Continue to watch for : excitement, fear, anger, worry, indecision.

We ask God to discipline us.

Promise: We won’t tire so easily


Continue to grow in understanding and effectiveness

Move toward love and tolerance of others (my code)

Promises: sanity, seldom interested in booze, react sanely and normally, experience miracles, we are neither cocky nor afraid

Maintain my spiritual condition (ask God to show me how to move toward achieving this)

Carry vision of God’s will constantly into all my activities – thy will, not mine, be done.

Be aware of where spiritual people are right and use what they have to offer.

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