Homework for December 28, 2014: No meeting next week

Dear Emotional Sobriety Workshop Members:

Thank you for everyone’s participation and sharing this Sunday.

Our new conference dial-in number is our past conference dial-in number.

Telephone conference numbers: 605-562-3131 PIN: 549628#

Playback recording number is: 605-562-3132 PIN: 549628#

Online Meeting and screen sharing: Meeting Id: 403000578

Playback reference number: 12

Here is the link for the MP3 from the meeting:


Here is the link for the meeting from 12-7-2014: http://fccdl.in/Oo5QzgUlN

We are now using the international conference call number that we also use for the 12 Steps in 4 Hours Back to Basics.

If you are calling outside of the USA:
Country Conference # Playback #

Israel +972 (0) 76-599-0060 +972 (0) 76-599-0069

United Kingdom +44 (0) 330 606 0520 +44 (0) 330 606 0519

Costa Rica +506 4000 1864 +506 4000 1914

Switzerland +41 (0) 44 513 30 00 +41 (0) 44 513 30 09

Canada (605) 781-0006 (605) 562-3113

This week we read and discussed Step 10 with respect to speech. We read and discussed the posting on the blog about correct speech by the Chofetz Chaim and on getting rid of resentments, fears, guilt and shame, which is also posted on the blog. We discussed the acronym W.A.T.C.H. This refers to words, actions, thoughts, character and habits.

Next week we will continue reading and discussing Step 10 in the OA 12 & 12, the various inventories for step 10, and the handouts that are already posted on the blog.

We are now starting the heart and soul of emotional sobriety: living in the solution, seeking conscious contact with the God of our understanding and carrying the message to those who still suffer.

Please feel free to read the handouts to share your thoughts with the group.

Please share with your 12 Steps that we will be starting a new 12 Steps in 4 Hours Back to Basics Workshop via the telephone January 5, 2015.

Looking forward to “seeing” you all in 2 weeks!

With blessings for peace and recovery,


With blessings for peace and recovery,



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