Questions to ask yourself about Step 10


Questions to ask yourself about Step 10:

Have I started the day with prayer and other spiritual disciplines (such as meditation and reading) to put me in a sound frame of mind for the day ahead?

How am I feeling in general? Am I well rested and adequately fed? Am I harboring any resentments or fears that may influence my attitudes and behavior?

Am I right with God, putting my trust and faith in Him and seeking to serve His will in whatever arises during the day?

Am I being honest with myself and others? Or am I being deceitful and manipulative or otherwise controlling?

Am I being unselfish and helpful? Or am I trying to use other people to serve my purposes?

Am I being kind and forgiving? Or am I being ungracious, demanding, and resentful?

Am I being compassionate and trying to see things from others’ point of view? Or am I trying to force them to see things my way?

Have I owned up to my mistakes and corrected them? Do I owe anyone an apology?

Are there things that didn’t go as well today as I wished? What could I have done better? What can I do right now to improve the situation? What can I do tomorrow?

Did any of my character defects create problems today? Am I staying aware of my defects? And what am I doing to compensate for them or to improve them? Am I making progress?

Is there anything going on that I need to discuss with my sponsor or someone else? Have I prayed and written about whatever’s disturbing me?

Am I grateful for my blessings? Am I ready to go to sleep with a clear conscience?

Observation and analysis:

Do you notice how similar these questions are to the 4th step Assets and Liabilities format of the Back to Basics?

Do you notice how consistent they are with the 4 Absolutes?


Questions to ask yourself about Step 10

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