Step 1: Am I a food addict?

Hi Everyone!

Tonight we completed and took Step 1.


Some people shared tonight that they are not sure if they are really a food addict and powerless over food.

Thank you so much for your honesty.

Below is a self assessment tool for deciding: Am I a food addict? Am I powerless over food? Is my life unmanageable?

I highly recommend the website, which is listed below.
In addition, I have attached 3 other assessment tools for examining whether or not you are indeed a food addict, which are from the same website.

This is a very personal decision.

Self Assessment


If you are looking for a paper and pencil test, try the self-assessment questions below:

While on a diet, do I “lose it” after a few days?

When I lose weight, do I gain back even more?

Do I obsessively calculate the calories I’ve burned against the calories I’ve eaten?

Am I thinking about food or my weight all the time?

Do I have physical problems resulting from the way I eat, or don’t eat?

Do I eat large amounts of food in a short period of time?

Do certain foods trigger binges?

Do I weigh myself once or twice (or more) a day?

Do I eat differently in front of people than I do when I’m alone?

Do I have emotional problems resulting from the way I eat or don’t eat?

Do I find it difficult to stop eating without a struggle after one or two sweets?

Have I done serious work in psychotherapy only to find my “food problem” was unaffected?

Answering one or more of these questions with a “yes” could indicate a food addiction.

For a more rigorous assessment of obesity, eating disorders and chemical dependency on food, here are three assessments for “Normal”, “Emotional” and “Food Addicted” eaters.


As with everything, take what you want and leave the rest behind.

With blessings for peace and recovery,


For the Emotional Sobriety 12 Steps in 4 Hours Back to Basics:




Self Assessment.docx

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