It is not about the food, but, it is about the food

Recently, a sponsee asked me about how I measure my portions.

So, I thought I would share with the group how I measure my portions:

Protein portion measurements:

4 oz meat/chicken/fish = 6 oz beans (including tofu) = 2 oz hard cheese = 2 oz nuts = 2 eggs = 8 oz milk or yogurt = 4 oz cottage cheese or farmer cheese

For Fruit:

2 oz dried fruit = 6 oz fruit

I also use the following guidelines for portion guidelines:

For grains:

1 oz uncooked grain = 4 oz cooked grain

For dry or uncooked protein:

1.5 oz raw beans = 6 oz cooked

5 oz raw chicken or meat = 4 oz cooked meat/chicken

For fats:

1/2 oz nuts = 1 fat = 1/2 oz fat

For vegetables:

10 oz. raw veggies = 8 oz cooked veggies

It is not about the food

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