Playback recording numbers and links for MP3s for Back to Basics

images (3)Hi Everyone!

This is a post listing the links to the Media Fire account of the playback recordings from our workshop.

In addition, I am including some of the documents that were written for the workshop in both word and PDF files.

The telephone conference number is: 605-562-3131 PIN: 549628#

The playback recording number is: 605-562-3132 PIN: 549628#

Playback recording number is: 641-715-0859. Access Code: 549628#

Playback reference numbers are in bold below:

Session 1 JANUARY 5, 2015 15#

Session 2 JANUARY 12, 2015 17#

Session 2a JANUARY 14 Additional recording (Shira’s explanation of Steps 4 and 5) 18#

Session 2b JANUARY 15 Optional meeting on Steps 4 and 5. 20# 

Session 3 JANUARY 26, 2015: no recording.

Please use recording Session 3 from our previous workshop on 9-7-2014 (Dial 641-715-3813 – Access Code: 549628# – Reference: 8#)

Session 4: FEBRUARY 2, 2015 24# 

Documents for workshop in word and pdf files:

Step 4 and 1-3 worksheet and prayers

Recommit to Steps 1 2 & 3 with prayer

Step 4 and 1-3 worksheet 1-18-2015

Step 4 and 1-3 worksheet 1-18-2015

Recommit to Steps 1 2 & 3 with prayer

We hope that everyone enjoyed the workshop and found it helpful!

With blessings for peace and recovery,

Devorah, Shira, Bette, and Keren

All of this is also repeated on a different blog, Emotional Sobriety 12 Steps in 4 Hours Back to Basics, which is only for the Back to Basics workshops.


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