It is not about the food but it is about the food

I am now at that stage in life where I have to decrease my food.

It has been a special challenge and I have learned a lot from my sisters in program.

Among the things I have learned:

1.  Whatever changes one makes need to be done slowly.

At this stage, if I drop my food too much or too fast, I have been told that my body will adjust (sigh) and then I will not know the effects of the choices that I am making.

Slow and steady wins the race.

2. For me, I need to make choices that I can live with in the long run.

This requires honesty: what is really important for me?

So, for me, I made the decision to keep the structure of my meal plan but adjust my portion sizes.  This is a very personal decision.

Other people will make different choices.

I know we are not a diet and calories club, but I did calculate the calories per ounce of various food groups.

These are average measures. I will try to attach more specific measures for those who might be interested in a future post.

Fruit: 16 Calories per oz
Vegetable: 10
Beans: 30
Grain: 30
Animal protein: 50
Fat: 100

So, more will be revealed!

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