Guest Post: My Friend John

I loved this posting on how to welcome the newcomer!  Enjoy!


I am honored to publish an article written by my friend John.  I have known John for a great deal of my sobriety, he has been a great source of wisdom and inspiration throughout my recovery.    Without further ado, here are John’s thoughts on the importance of introduction within the rooms of a 12-step meeting:

Introductions – What Are We Telling the Newcomer?

There are many different ways to introduce ourselves in AA meetings.  My favorite – “My name is John and I’m an alcoholic.”  Simple, to-the-point, unembellished.  Here are some others that I have heard, with possible ramifications for the newcomer.  For simplicity’s sake, I will use my name in each:

  1. “My name is John and I’m an addict and an alcoholic.” We need not even bring up the 5th tradition implications (although they could certainly be cited).  By using this introduction, we have unnecessarily set ourselves…

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