Positive transformations and lifestyle changes which impact the individual and their families.

I love this post! It connects so much to the concepts of emotional sobriety. For me, this posting highlights the principles of step 12 of practicing compassion and unselfishness.

Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services

In my years as a substance abuse provider, I have had my share of both good and not so good experiences. With the not so good, I have seen too many people fall short and return to their destructive lives. However, I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced that even during those not so good times, the glimpses of positive changes are priceless. And with the good comes the greatest feeling when you are able to see positive transformations and lifestyle changes which impact the individual, their families, and their communities.
Change Shame Into Courage cig
In addiction, individuals continue to live in their destructive ways because it is familiar, and often are too afraid to take a step into the unfamiliar. Continuing to remain in the familiar only cultivates low self-worth, isolation, failure, and emotional instability. They continue to use drugs or alcohol as a means of dealing…

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