Step 12: Sponsorship and Carrying the Message

Step 12: Sponsorship and Carrying the Message



Carrying the message effectively is one of the greatest challenges and greatest joys of our program.

One addict helping another, which includes sponsorship, is the main mechanism for transmitting the program and carrying the message.

Really, a sponsor is someone who teaches others how to work the 12 Steps and how to teach others to teach others to work the 12 Steps. Another goal of sponsorship is to emulate how to apply the principles of the 12 steps on a moment to moment and daily basis.  Ultimately, this program is a design for living to stay abstinent, have a relationship with God and an opportunity to be of service.

The question becomes how to sponsor effectively?  What do you do in the time that you give to your sponsees?

I found the following list of questions to help structure the time spent with sponsees.

Did they work on their character defects today?

When they were wrong did they promptly admit it?

Have they sought through prayer and meditation to know the will of God?

Have they helped another food addict/compulsive overeater?

Did they go to a meeting?

Have they been honest with themselves and others?

These questions are designed to give the sense of accountability necessary in the recovery process.

Sponsors do not make us abstinent, nor do they make us pick up or relapse.  Sponsoring others however is our greatest insurance policy to help US stay abstinent.


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