Life on Life’s Terms versus Life on God’s Terms

During our meeting this week, I mentioned a discussion I had with Judy this week on the topic of “Life on Life’s Terms versus Life on God’s Terms.”

The differences between the 2 reminded me of the differences between Step 10 open awareness meditation and Step 11 focused awareness meditation.

For me, “Life on Life’s terms” felt similar to Step 10 and open awareness meditation.  In this practice, we shift our full attention to whatever we may suddenly become aware of, and “note” what it is that we are doing. We observe and identify how our thoughts and feelings arise out of a place of desire to have what we want, and be rid of what we don’t want. We watch our ego in action – our self-will run riot.

In contrast, “Life on God’s terms” is similar to Step 11 meditation. Humbled through the practice of Step 10, we then are better able to seek God’s will for us as He would have us be, rather than as we would have Him be.

Both forms of meditation really complement each other.  The outcome of both practices when combined is to determine what God wants us to do and to obtain the power to do it.

Following that, we come to Step 12: carrying the message to those who still suffer and practicing these principles in all our affairs.

References: This is the last volume of the Unpopular Studies in the Last Steps





  1. Brilliant!! I love the association with Steps 10 & 11. Thank you, Shira, for helping us to integrate the principles of the 12 Steps into daily life.

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