More Step 1 Questions To Guide Our Discussions

This is a picture that I made just for fun.

Hi Everyone!

Please forgive me if I am giving you too much information. I found the below information from 2 sites on-line.  I believe that they have great questions to help focus our discussion on Step 1 during our meeting.

Exercise There is a solution landscape

Writing Step 1

I would also love to get feedback from the group on the following points:

  1. Based on the past few meetings, I feel that a slower pace for our step work may be more beneficial and allow for more opportunity for discussion.
  2. For the stories of the Big Book, our current format of reading the entire story in one meeting is best to maintain momentum, and get a better perspective of the author’s experience, strength and hope.
  3. In order to balance reading and discussion, the last 15 minutes of our group time should be set aside for discussion. It is more fun and interesting that way!

Please let me know what your thought are.

In love and service,



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