Step 8 & 9 Worksheets

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Hi Everyone!

We are meeting shortly, and somehow, in the wee morning hours I felt inspired to send out some additional information on Steps 8 and 9.

This is the worksheet that I wrote for our group:

These 2 handouts are wonderful summaries of various program literature on each of the steps:



These handouts are wonderful clear, succinct and organized handouts on Steps 8 and 9 and why and how to make an effective and proper amends:




These are Step 8 and 9 Inventory worksheets:



8th Step Guide-1


These handouts are summaries of the amends and restitution principles and process:

Steps 8 & 9 Worksheets

9th Step Amends Handout

Step 9 Worksheet A

These next 2 worksheets are from my favorite blog, I highly recommend that everyone go to this site! The author has a clear and very beautiful understanding of program and program principles.



These next 2 worksheets are new additions to our Step 8 and 9 collection. The last is written by Mel B., a tireless program supporter and historian.


9th Step – by Mel B_

These worksheets are just meant to simplify and explain these 2 Steps. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the actions and steps involved of these 2 very important steps.

After Step 9, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor and the promises begin to come true!

In love and service,


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