Don’s Favorite BB Quotes – Part 1

Hi Everyone! This is from Don C. It is incredibly useful for highlighting some of the most pertinent quotes out of the Big Book and for explaining some of the key concepts when taking people through the steps.

Thank you Don for your beautiful service!




Don C.’s Favorite BB Quotes Part I

In the majority of Weekend Step Study Retreats I’ve led over the years (There is a Solution: A Weekend Walk Through the Steps) I’ve used the Big Book and both the AA and OA 12&12. Occasionally the organizing intergroup will ask me to do Big Book only. One of the things I did in preparation for the first one of those in 2008 was pull together my favorite quotes from the entire book. It became an outline for the weekend. I have since used the chapter-by-chapter quotes with sponsees and others to help bring the Big Book alive. The Big Book isn’t easy for some people, but all the basic truths about our addiction and its solution are there.

I’ve been hesitant to post a lengthy document I call Don’s favorite BB quotes because I wasn’t certain how useful it might be…

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