First Do No Harm

Hi Everyone!

It is very ironic that we are currently discussing Steps 8 and 9, which is about restitution and amends.

Our wonderful blog has run into problems harming others through copyright violations.

In error, some of the literature I posted on our blog exceeded the legal boundaries of fair use.phonto-1

To correct this harm, I have removed many of the documents that were posted on the blog, pending written permission.

Going forward, I will now try to only post a link to articles and documents that I have found online with written permission, unless the document is considered public domain. Or, I will just place the link on our blog to the original site.

This is a program of honesty. I am sorry that my altruistic spirit of generosity was at the expense of other people’s copyrights. Obviously, it is a problem and cannot continue.



The bright side is, I have since contacted many of the original writers and sites of the information that has been already posted on our blog. Happily, they have been very generous and supportive of our group. Several have already returned my emails, and given us their permission to repost their work.

In addition, I am happy to say that this experience inspired me to reorganize and improve our blog. This has been a wonderful opportunity to do some spring cleaning! Please take note of our wonderful new blog theme.

 learning from mistakes

I am grateful that this has been an opportunity to right a wrong, and in the process learn new skills and improve our blog.


With blessings for recovery and peace,




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