Step 12 & How Do We Carry the Message?

phonto-20We are continuing to read from Lawrie C.’s book on taking the 12 Steps.

Among the questions we discussed today are:

What do you think about the proposition that a recovered OA member is obliged

to reach a healthy body weight?

What are the strong points of the meetings you go to?

What are the weak points?

Do the meetings you go to make doing the steps a priority? If not, what do they do, and what do you think about that?

Are you a service junkie? Why?be the change you want to

Do you know people in OA who are being killed with kindness, who are clearly relapsing or not doing the steps, and who are not being confronted with love?

What ideas do you have for talking to people like that?

How do we get abstinent before doing the steps?


Based on the last thing that we read in Lawrie’s book, our homework for the next 2 weeks is to write on:

How do you define the God of your understanding?

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

Can you be a religious person without being spiritual or spiritual person without having a particular religious faith?


Next week, our meeting is cancelled.

On April 28th we will have an off topic meeting as many people are unable to attend.

During that meeting, I would like us to read and discuss a very interesting article that I have wanted us to read for a long time: GRESHAM’S LAW & ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR CUP OF TEA? STRONG? – MEDIUM? – WEAK?




Looking forward to meeting again in 2 weeks.

In love and service,


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