Going deeper in WE AGNOSTICS.

Going deeper in WE AGNOSTICS.

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Hi Everyone!

Originally, the format of our reading The Original Manuscript was supposed to be with a Beginner’s Mind.

“beginner’s mind” is a concept from Zen Buddhism that refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

However, the information in the AA Big Book is so rich! The concepts and principles of the steps in general, but the second step in particular are too deep to not explore more deeply.

This is one of several posts on Step 2 that I would like to share with the group.

Step 2 suggests that I can only have two choices: either be doomed to a life as a compulsive overeater and all the consequences that come with that or live on a spiritual basis. If I think I have a third choice (a new diet, boyfriend, pill, operation or anything else), I won’t do the necessary work.

The goal of Step 2 is to enable me to connect to my Higher Power so I can lead a meaningful life without relying on food.

Read the chapter WE AGNOSTICS.

Underline anything that hits home, write down any questions you have, then write what you think about the chapter you just read (your feelings – not a book report).

Answer the ‘questions from statements’ for this chapter.

Questions from Statements – We Agnostics

  1. Do I have any doubt that God exists?
  2. Do I realize that the food is not my problem but that lack of power is?
  3. Do I know the difference between a compulsive overeater and a normal eater?
  4. Do I believe, based on the fact that when I honestly want to I can’t quit entirely and have little control over the amount I eat, that I am a compulsive overeater?
  5. Do I believe I am suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer?
  6. Do I believe lack of power is my problem?
  7. If lack of power is my problem, do I see that power is my solution?
  8. Did I notice the book said find a Power greater than yourself which will SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM?
  9. Did I notice that it did not say solve my problems?
  10. What is my problem? Is it lack of power? Is it separation from the one thing strong enough to overcome the effects of being a compulsive overeater?
  11. Do I realize I can come up with my own conception of this Higher Power?
  12. Do I realize I do not have to base this Higher Power on any religious training I have had?
  13. Do I realize it doesn’t matter what someone else’s conception of a Higher Power is?
  14. Do I realize that whatever my conception of a Higher Power is, it is enough to start this work?
  15. Do I believe God is available to me?
  16. Can I put aside all my previous beliefs about God, start from scratch, and know that all the truths will come back in?
  17. Do I now believe, or am I even willing to believe, that there is a Power greater than myself?
  18. Do I have trouble with personal relationships?
  19. Can I control my emotions?
  20. Am I prey to misery and depression?
  21. Do I like my job?
  22. Am I full of fear?
  23. Would I like to have these things changed?
  24. Am I happy?
  25. Do I feel useful?
  26. Would I like to be happy and feel useful?
  27. Is God everything or is He nothing?
  28. Which do I believe: God is or He isn’t?
  29. What things have I worshipped?
  30. What is my idea of God?
  31. Do I realize God solves my problem for me, I don’t?
  32. Do I realize this is not self-help but God help?
  33. Do I realize I have to do the work outlined in the Big Book to get the results promised?
  34. Do I realize believing is a good starting point, but I need to do the things that will bring me to the realization that I know God is doing this?
  35. Do I realize that the consciousness of the Presence of God is the most important fact in my life?

Explore the following questions during the week. Perhaps we could share our answers with each other during our meeting next week?

As with everything, take what you want and leave the rest behind.

In love & service,


how to take not study the Steps

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