Addiction is a spiritual dis-ease


Addiction is a spiritual dis-ease. All of us seek to be connected to G-d. When we lose our connection to G-d, we feel a sense of aloneness and feel adrift. Alone, lonely and lost, we seek to numb the pain to relieve our suffering.

This spiritual emptiness — an intangible awareness, sense of dissatisfaction or unhappiness makes us feel uncomfortable.  It is a source of continual and ongoing pain and anguish.

So, what do we choose to do instead?  We seek happiness and consolation through compensating distorted behaviors: compulsive overeating. This in turn triggers feelings of guilt and shame.  And what we hoped for – a sense of relief, ease and comfort, is only transitory and ephemeral.

The only way to fill the void is to have conscious contact with the G-d of our understanding through meditation and prayer and ultimately service to others.


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