Emotional Sobriety: Thoughts, Feelings and Action


Emotional sobriety is an inside /outside balance. So much is what we bring from within ourselves, based on our experience, and everything else that we do that makes us who we are. It is an inner journey that is then revealed as we carry the message and practice these principles in all our affairs.  One goal of program is to correct our thinking which then changes our actions. When we change our actions and how we respond to the world, we experience the world differently. It works from all angles: when we begin to DO differently we begin to THINK differently and also to FEEL differently. This is what leads to the spiritual transformation and what emotional sobriety is all about.

However, the process is subtle. It is a process of acceptance and a release of expectations. When we expect or demand emotional sobriety, we block ourselves off from “the Sunlight of the Spirit.” We have to remain humble and seek to be of service to others and let God run the show and do His work. We are His servants.

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