Further information and links on the 4 Absolutes

4 absolutes

Hi Everyone:

In case there is some confusion about the 4 absolutes, I wanted to send out the page link from the blog about them.

Just briefly: the Oxford Group was the precursor to AA. Members, when examining their behavior or when making a decision would use them as “external yardsticks to measure themselves.” In fact, they are written on the back of Dr. Bob’s tombstone, which otherwise makes no mention of the important role that he played in the history of AA.

They did not make it into the AA BB, as Bill W. felt that they were too strident, and as addicts we are allergic to people telling us what to do.

In addition, he wanted to distance AA from the Oxford Group, which was fundamentally a Christian organization. Bill W. wanted to make clear that AA is a spiritual organization, not a religious one.

Instead, they are listed in the 4th step in their reverse: selfish, self-seeking, dishonesty and afraid: “the exact nature of our wrongs.”

Personally, I find them very fascinating. I like the fact that rather than focusing on the nature of our wrongs, we can focus on how to aspire to be more positive and God Centered.

Please go to this post on the blog for a more detailed explanation.

With blessings for peace and recovery,


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