Recovery Prayer


Oh God, watch over me. Be my Higher Power as I strive toward recovery. Permit me to lean on You for strength and guidance. Grant that I may become totally honest about my problem. Touch my soul and spark my spirit into awareness God, that I may see the value of a sober life. Show me the glory of the dawn of a new day and the reward of a sunset and a day well lived. Help me to deal with resentments God, the real curse of my addictive personality. Take from me all hatred, anger, and willfulness, and persuade me to work toward emotional health and maturity that I may fully enjoy the blessings of respectability.

In your mercy God, see fit to remove my cravings for that which will destroy me. Keep me ever mindful that alone I am unable to maintain a happy sobriety. Bring me ever closer to You and those who will help me along the way.

Most of all God, prompt me to extend my hand to others who still suffer, so that through him or her, I may find You and continued sobriety. Amen.

Thank you Judy for sharing this with the group!

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