How to take someone through the steps

Sheila, who went through the Back to Basics with us, took a newcomer through the steps recently with the following documents that are also posted on the blog.

I wanted to pass on her method, which is truly in keeping with Dr. Bob’s formula of “keeping it simple.”

This is a copy of the blog posting from March 19, 2014 on questions to take a newcomer through the steps:

Going Through the Stepsbystep

Going Through the Stepsbystep

This is a wonderful summary of the Back To Basics, including “How to Listen to God” and the definitions of the Step 4 Assets and Liabilities, and the 4 Absolutes:


These were the only documents that Sheila used.

I am adding extra documents below which I hope will be helpful:

This is a list of the suggested Big Book passages for taking a newcomer through the steps, so that you can read the selected relevant passages  together:

B2B of Sponsorship-2 pg Summary-208

This is a summary sheet that I wrote for extra guidance when guiding someone through Steps 4 and 5, in both a pdf and word.

Step 4-9 B2B EMOA

Step 4-9 B2B EMOA

This is a summary of relevant passages from the AA Big Book by John H., the author of “The Spiritual Solution — Simple and Effective Recovery Through The Taking and Teaching of the 12 Steps”  which is also very helpful:


We need to pray before we do this work and ask God for guidance.

I hope that this will be a service to “help carry the message to those who still suffer.”

Thank you Sheila for your service!

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