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Abstinence and a Plan of Eating

Originally posted on OA Sea to Sky Intergroup:
Workshop Summary from the North Shore Marathon In 2013, World Service Office (WSO) conducted a census survey of OA members.  Two of the findings from that survey indicated that, among the over…

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Those Others

Originally posted on The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism:
Honesty is one the most important things in recovery for me – even if the truth can hurt – which it can often do. When struggling for an idea of a Higher…

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Sunday’s Gems

Tamar, who participates in our group through our playback recordings sent us the following, slightly edited, about our meeting on Sunday.   I loved, “Living Life on Life’s terms means living life on G-d’s terms” as well as Osnat’s comment about … Continue reading

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Why Do I Eat Inappropriately?

Today, during our group, we read in the “Brown Book” Overeaters Anonymous that “it is our thoughts that precede our emotions, and it is our emotions that make us eat inappropriately and become physically obese.” (pp 194) Some people questioned … Continue reading

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Summary of our meeting today and playback recording numbers

Dear Emotional Sobriety Workshop Members: Thank you for everyone’s participation and sharing this Sunday. Telephone conference number: 605-562-3131 PIN: 549628# Playback recording number is: 605-562-3132 PIN: 549628# Playback reference number: 45 Here is the link for the MP3 from the … Continue reading

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Slogan From Our Meeting Today

This is something that Osnat shared at our meeting today. Thank you Osnat! “If I don’t face my stuff, I am going to stuff my face.”

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A Mindful Approach to Emotional Balance and Well-being by Moira Kowalczyk | Jun 17, 2015 It is perfectly natural as a human being to feel 100 different emotions during the course of a day. True happiness is the result of … Continue reading

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