Sunday’s Gems: Refraining From Gossip

Sunday’s Gems: Refraining From Gossip

measure our words

During our last meeting, we read in the AA Big Book:

(115:1) While you need not discuss your husband at length, you can quietly let your friends know the na­ture of his illness. But you must be on guard not to embarrass or harm your husband.

From this, we had a discussion about the power of our words, and the principle of refraining from gossip.

We shared on the idea that: We need to measure our words, not just our food.

And, it is just as important what goes in our mouths as what comes out of our mouth.

I am reminded of Dr. Bob’s last speech:

”Let us also remember to guard that erring member the tongue, and if we must use it, let’s use it with kindness and consideration and tolerance.”

Emotional sobriety is about balance and equilibrium. It is a 2 way process: we need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings but also to honor and be sensitive to our selves.

measuring tape


AA Big Book

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