Summary Of Our Meeting: There Is A Solution

img_4360Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your participation and sharing during our meeting this past week. I was so happy to be able to participate in our meeting this past week!

The telephone conference numbers for our group are:

Telephone conference number: (712) 775-7031 Access Code: 397-681-282

Playback recording number is: (712) 775-7029 Access Code: 397-681-282#

As a reminder, our group takes place on Sunday mornings at 5:30 AM EST.

Please join us as we “trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.” (AA Big Book 164:3)

Playback reference number: 38

Here is the link for the MP3 from our meeting this week

The link to the media fire account is posted under the recordings 2016 tab on the blog.

This week, we read There Is A Solution and Appendix II, Spiritual Experience. 

This group is a work in progress. So far, I am finding it difficult to read such long chapters within the time constraints of the meeting time, and leave enough time for discussion.

 So, going forward, with the group’s permission, I would like us to read and leave the last 15 minutes of the meeting for discussion. If we are unable to complete the chapter, then, I would like us to wait until the following week to finish reading the chapter as a group.

For next week, I would like us to share our thoughts as a group what we read this week. The questions from the pamphlet are below.

Then, I would like us to read and discuss Step 1 from the OA 12 & 12.

I will send out a different post with the Original Manuscript of the AA Big Book and other articles of interest. Sometimes I find the original manuscript is more condensed and has stronger wording than the current edition of the AA Big Book.

The booklet asks us to be ready to share our thoughts on this chapter next week. Write on:

  • how you are powerless over food?
  • What in your life you can truly manage?
  • What parts of this chapter apply to you in your life?
  • What is your reaction to the members of OA?
  • Did your behaviors around food and eating engulf “all whose lives touch the sufferer’s”? (Page 18)
  • What was their reaction?  How did the people in your life react to your eating?
  • Do you see how you can reach another compulsive eater? (Page 18)
  • Note on page 20 the Book answers the question, “What do I have to do?”
  • Have you been asked the questions on page 20 by yourself or others?
  • What were your answers?
  • From your examination of yourself and your reading of this chapter, are you a “real Food Addict/Compulsive Over-eater?” (Page 21)
  • If not, why not? Discuss this with the group.
  • Did you have control over food?
  • Did you do absurd and incredible and tragic things while eating?
  • Were you a Jekyll and Hyde type of person?
  • Why did we eat the way we did? (Page 22)
  • Why do we take that first bite?
  • Why can’t we stay on the wagon?
  • What has become of the common sense and will power that the Food Addict still sometimes displays with respect to other matters?
  • Have you lost the power of choice as described on page 24?
  • Have you ever asked, “What’s the use anyhow?”

Pay special attention to the first paragraph on page 25 starting with “There is a Solution” and the second one which says, “The great fact is this and nothing less: That we have had deep and effective spiritual experiences which have revolutionized our whole attitude toward life…” The rest of this paragraph is an outstanding summary of what happens in this program.

In conjunction with the above two paragraphs, read, discuss and understand Appendix II, Spiritual Experience, page 567.

Note that Appendix II, Spiritual Experience, is referred to once again on page 27 

I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with all of you!

Thank you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

“Together we can do what we can never do alone.”


In love and service,




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