Questions From The Unofficial Guide

img_4355Next week, we will be continuing our Big Book study using the Unoffical Guide To The Twelve Steps by Dr. Paul O. I thought it might be helpful to have the questions from the pamphlet posted on the blog to guide our discussion.

Unofficial Guide

On Your Own: Read and be prepared to discuss Chapter 5, “How it Works”. In your notebook write those things about God which you cannot believe. On another page, write what you do believe about God. As you go forward from this point it’s those things which you do believe or which fit into your concept of God which you will be using, and you can be comforted in knowing that “Our own conception, however inadequate, was sufficient to make the approach and to effect a contact with Him.” (page 46).

Read Step 4 in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. List in your notebook examples of how you have been self-centered in the past.

With the Group: Read Chapter 5, “How it Works.”

Discuss the material from the beginning of the chapter to the end of page 63; i.e., to the end of the Third Step.

Do you question whether or not you are capable of being honest with yourself? (If you do, you are not.)

Note the state of mind you are asked to have when you start the Steps – honesty, fearlessness, thoroughness and a willingness to go to any length.

What is the value of half measures?

Are you convinced a life run on self-will can hardly be successful?

Can you see the effects of self-centeredness in your life?

How have you been self-centered?

Discuss with the group. Did you know that you cannot significantly reduce self-centeredness by wishing or by trying on your will-power? (page 62)

Are you willing to make the decision that is set forth at the bottom of page 62?

Note the promises on page 63 that follow the Third Step.

Are you sincerely willing to take this Step?

At this point many teams witness each other’s Third Step decision by reciting the Third Step Prayer together.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

In love and service,




  1. Bs”d Good morning Shira, Amu”sh

    Hope this finds you well!?

    How do I get this book pls?

    Thank you for your tonz of most valued service!

    Bbrachot Golda Shira


    • Hi Golda Shira! The PDF is available on the blog. It is included in each of our posts, and also on the documents 2016. Otherwise, please contact Greg Mosho at It is really a small pamphlet, written by Dr. Paul O. His daughter, Paula continued to make it available and now Greg is providing this wonderful service!

    • We are a step study group and we meet only once a week. Our meetings are recorded. If there is an interest in starting another group at a different time that is convenient, then maybe it would be possible to start a new group?

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