Prayer For All 12 Steps


During the 12 Steps in 1 Hour Sessions workshop, we discussed how to practice the Steps on a daily basis. Based on various program prayers, written by many others who came before me, I wrote the prayer below as an example of how to take all 12 Steps.

Prayer For All 12 Steps

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of abstinence that You have given me today. I admit that I am powerless over my compulsive eating behaviors. When I tried to manage everything on my own, it did not work. My life is unmanageable when I try to control it.

Just for today, please help me to understand the true meaning of my powerlessness. Remove from me all denial of my disease. Please eliminate my obsession to take substances from outside to comfort me on the inside.

My Creator, bless me with an open mind so that I may stay teachable. I know in my heart that only You can restore me to spiritual wholeness. I humbly ask that you remove all twisted thoughts from me this day. Heal my spirit and lead me on the path of Truth.

I am surrendering my life to You. Today, I turn my will (my thinking) and my life (my actions) over to You. For, You are the All-Powerful Creator, who provides me with my every need at every moment.

Thank you, God, for this opportunity for recovery and spiritual renewal.

In Steps 4, 5 and 6, I completed my moral inventory and admitted to myself, and another person the exact nature of my wrongs.

Now, I admit these wrongs to You, God.

I beseech You to forgive all my past wrongs and to remove from me every single defect of character.

Specifically, I ask You to remove the following shortcomings: (Read aloud the defects from your list.)

Please bless those I hurt and change any part of me that allowed me to hurt them.

May I forgive others, just as I would want to be forgiven.

Grant me the willingness to rise about my emotional drives and take responsibility for my actions.

Just for today, Lord, I am humbly asking to be Your servant.

Please grant me the wisdom, knowledge and strength as I go out from here to do Your work.

Please keep my motives pure and bless me with the willingness to think less often of myself and more often of others.

May I live the God-Centered Life You designed for me as a sane, sober and serene person.

Thank you God for this beautiful opportunity and for the steps which will make You plan for my life clear to me.

Please bless our fellowship so that many more can be helped as I was helped.

Thank you and Praise Your Name.





As with everything, take what you want and leave the rest behind.

In love and service,



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