Going from Fear to Love

Someone in the group asked a great question: How is fear the opposite of love?

In the 4 Absolutes, we discussed how the opposite of fear is faith and the opposite of love is self-seeking.

As I was gathering information on this excellent question and I came across what is written down below from justloveaudio.com.

Twelve Guidelines to help you Shift from Fear to Love

1. Learn to bless your own experience and that of others. If you find yourself judging or condemning yourself or others, hold that awareness with compassion until you find that you are able to shift into acceptance of self and other.
2. Be aware of your fear and move through it by breathing deeply and being present with your experience in that moment. By so doing, you take total responsibility for understanding and healing your fear and unworthiness so that you do not project them onto others.
3. Experience your equality with every person you meet. If you think or feel that you are “less than” or “more than” another person, understand that fear is present. Take a deep breath and be aware of the fear and the unworthiness behind it. Then bring love and compassion to yourself.
4. Do not take more than you need to live simply and actively share the rest with others. Freely give to others the resources and encouragement they need to be self-sufficient and to know that they are worthy of love and respect.
5. Every day connect with your Spiritual Essence, feel God’s love in your heart and ask to be an instrument of love and peace.
6. Every day, pray for your loved ones.
7. Every day, pray for your enemies.
8. Every day, pray for the leaders of the world that they may open to love and work together to create understanding, cooperation and peace between all races, religions and governments.
9. Every day, pray for the earth and the creatures who live on it. Spend time in nature. Feel the embrace of the earth, her ground and her skies, her waters and her winds. Let every action you take honor her and sing her praises.
10. Know that peace is possible right now in your heart. Know that you are the bringer of love right now in this moment, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
11. Join willingly with others in the above practices and share in the group energy and intention. Let the shared power of your love vibrate at its full intensity and extend outward to embrace your community, your country, and our planetary home.
12. Know that all minds, all hearts, and all physical bodies can come into alignment and resonance with the power of love. Trust and live in this as a moment-to-moment awareness.

Paul Ferrini

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