The Power of Love


This past week, we completed the appendices in Overeaters Anonymous (Brown Book).

In the section “A Disease of the Spirit” the Rev. Boas wrote:

“Let us look at this spiritual food. To begin with, it falls under the heading of love, the most abused, misused, and yet the most wonderful word in the English language. Without love, every other human virtue or ability is as “sounding brass.” Love is a spiritual quality that is not confined to the limits of any religious community. No one has a corner on it. It is free—free to fill the lives of all who allow it to flow freely. And as it flows, it both washes and gives life and glorifies its source—God.”

Love is also a concept that we discussed as part of the 4 Absolutes.


In response to our discussion, Aidel sent us this wonderful exerpt from the book “Lois Remembers” that also blends in well with our current discussion on “To Wives.”

Here is the document:

Lois Rmembers

It is really wonderful!

Thank you Aidel!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

With blessings for recovery and peace,


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