Sunday’s Gems

Sunday’s Gems:


Today, during our meeting we read in the handout by Chuck C.:

“I am convinced that the only roadblock between me and you and me and my God is the human ego. I further believe that the best definition of the human ego is “the feeling of conscious separation from.”

From what?…………….. From life, good, God {which are synonymous), from each other, and eventually from ourselves.”


“I think of myself as that big window in front of my chair. That window is me, and where there’s not obstruction the light comes through; but the window is not the light.

I think of the drape as my ego, and when that drape is closed, the light doesn’t come through; but just as the window is not the light, the drape is not the darkness.

My business is to keep the drape open and let the light shine. I don’t furnish the light. I’m a channel.”

This generated a lot of discussion. I took notes on what Ossnath shared during the group:

“the soul is like a candle. Even when we do something wrong, our soul is always pure and God loves each and everyone one of us, regardless of our behavior.

Like a ray of sunshine, there is a little piece of God in me and everyone else in the world. It is only our ego which separates us from God and His children.

Our goal is to push aside our ego, just like the drape, and let the light shine through the window.”

Thank you everyone for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

With blessings for recovery and peace,



Chuck_C. Gems of Wisdom


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