The historical origin of the slogan ‘Easy Does It’


The historical origin of the slogan ‘Easy Does It’

According to ‘A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous,’ published by AA Group #1 [Dr. Bob’s Home Group], this slogan came from the Sermon on the Mount; specifically Matthew 6:34, which says, ‘Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ [HCSB]

Simply stated, ‘Easy Does It’ means to live in the present, in this moment. So you intentionally decide to forget yesterday. And you deliberately choose to stop trying to predict tomorrow.

While we were drinking and using, we were super-vigilant, always trying to predict the future. And we used past experiences to imagine the worst that could happen, so we could feel prepared for whatever might occur. Imagine what just living life just for today might be like, where we didn’t have to judge whether any particular event was good or bad, or guess what might happen as a result of that thing. Since we can never know what the ultimate ramifications of any single event will be, why not just live life with emotional moderation, taking all things in stride?

Putting the ‘Easy Does It’ slogan into action

The Manual continues, ‘You can only live one day at a time, and if you do a good job of that, you will have little trouble.’ So really this is what the AA slogan “Easy Does It” reminds us to do — whenever something happens, we can make a decision to simply sit back and say, “It sure will be interesting to see what happens.”


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