Documents and Information About Our Meeting Tomorrow


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know about my plans for our meeting tomorrow.  I hope that no one minds, but, I thought that I would slightly change our topic.

Last week, we completed the chapter “The Family Afterward.” At the end of the chapter, 3 AA slogans were mentioned: “First Things First,” “Easy Does It,” and “Live And Let Live.”

For our meeting tomorrow, I thought we could read from “Living Sober” about those slogans, and supplement, if possible from the book “The 7 Key Principles Of Successful Recovery” by Mel B. & Bill P. (1999; Hazelden).

The excepts from Living Sober were posted on the blog.

After that, I thought we could read and share on Tradition 12, from the AA 12 & 12 and possibly the OA 12 & 12.

Here is something that I found on Tradition 12, from one of my favorite sites,


Here are other documents on Tradition 12:



12 Traditions – Language of the Heart

The 12-Steps and 12-Traditions ,pdf version

Looking forward to “seeing” everyone soon.

With blessings for recovery and peace,



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