The Mental Diet — How to Change Your World and Your Life in 7 Days by Emmet Fox

This is something that I shared in our group, and I just found a copy available on-line. I hope that you enjoy this different kind of diet!

The Mental Diet

How to Change Your World and

Your Life in 7 Days

By Emmet Fox

It seems like wherever you go, and wherever you look people are talking about diets. Just standing in line at the grocery store, you’ll notice every magazine has some type of article on diets.  The headlines say, “How to Lose 10 lbs in Time for Summer!  Five Exercises to Trim Your Tummy”

The most important diet you can undertake is the mental diet. This is the one everyone in the world needs and yet many will not partake of.  This diet is so profound that it influences everyone around you.

The way our bodies work is based upon the food we put into them. The mind is no different.  The thoughts you allow yourself to think and the topics you allow your mind to dwell upon influence your environment.  Everything in your life today is conditioned by your habitual thinking.  The way you have thought in the past has led you to where you are right now.  Knowing this, what are you going to do about it today?  Are you prepared to go on a mental diet?  The state of your life is in your hands, or should we say it’s in your mind.  You choose the state of your finances—whether to be rich or poor.  You choose the state of your home—whether happy or sorrowful, the state of your employment– whether fun or dreadful.  The condition of your life in the future, tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year will be conditioned based on the thoughts and feelings you choose to have today.

Frankly when you understand that by changing your mind all conditions change as well, then you truly get a “a life by design.” That’s why we say, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  This is one of the keys to a prosperous life.  To change your home, your employment, your happiness, your dating life, your whole life, you only have the change you mental diet.

The diet I am asking you to go on is a diet of thoughts, pictures and images. A diet that will change your environment just by changing the thoughts you allow in your mind.  We know you cannot be happy, and you cannot be healthy, you cannot be prosperous, if you are in a bad mood.  You can however be depressed, be a victim, or feel hurt when you are in a bad mood.

Have you ever been in a great mood and someone walks in and they have the gloom cloud around them? You feel it.  They are not on a mental diet.  They are allowing their thoughts to take them anywhere.  They think thoughts that are not good for them or for us.

In short, if you want your life to be happy and prosperous, then agree today to commit to this mental diet. For seven consecutive days you agree to carefully select your thoughts.  We know you cannot control the first thought that enters your mind, yet you can control the second one.  We know that at first this is going to be challenging, exceedingly challenging, especially in the first few days, and if you persevere you will find that it will become rapidly easier.  This experiment will be come a thrilling hobby that your entire family could become involved in.

Now you already know that many people, including yourself, work at being positive from time to time. Much like the person that goes on a food diet and then loses weight, and then immediately gains the weight back because they were not conditioned to eat correctly every day.  This diet can be like those diets if you do not commit for seven days straight.  You can work at a thought every now and then and have sporadic efforts, or you can commit today and get fabulous results that can continue to condition you for the rest of your life.

You can be on this diet every day for the rest of your life without harmful side effects. As you continue on this diet, your new thought habit will lay a foundation within the first week.  By the seventh week you will have built a habit that will be challenging to break.

Here is the way the diet begins. Make up your mind to devote the first seven days, one week, to watching your thoughts.  Wake up in the morning and think of it being a great day!  No matter what happens, you must not allow yourself to dwell on a negative thought, not even for one single moment.  You must not allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, or optimistic.  This is discipline that you may find strenuous, and if you find yourself being unusually tired in the evening, then you know it is working and you are altering your life for the better.   What changes did you see?  Know with certainty that you do not have to change conditions.  They will change automatically just by watching your thoughts and images you place in your mind.

As you embark on any diet, you know that your mind plays tricks on you. You crave the old food you use to partake of.  This diet is no different, you will find your mind wanting to go toward the negative, wanting to say something or gossip about someone or something.  Sometimes it will be exhausting to fight the urges you have to just say one thing, much like just having one taste of that delicious cake when you are on a food diet.  So if you make a false start, or fall off the wagon, you must stop and start again the next day.  You must count every time you dwell on a negative thought.  And if you do find yourself dwelling on the negative thought, then you start the diet over again.

The goal of the mental diet is to go for seven straight days without having a negative thought. It may take you the entire seven weeks to finally get to seven consecutive days of not dwelling on a negative thought, going into judgment, or talking badly about something or someone.

Let’s be clear about what I mean:

Negative thinking is when you are dwelling on failure, disappointment, or trouble; any thought of criticism, or jealousy, or spite or condemnation of others or yourself, or any thought of sickness or accident. In short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking.  Any thought that concerns you are anyone else that is not positive or constructive.

This diet is about not dwelling on negative thoughts, in fact not even entertaining them. Once again we know you cannot control the first thought that comes in your brain, yet you can control every thought after that.  Disregard them and replace them with a positive thought.  Some negative thoughts or comments will come from other people, a newspaper, television, email, or telephone.  These do not matter; just disregard them and do not dwell on them.

During your diet do not fear negative thoughts, do not give them any power at all. Any negative situation that you must deal with during this time will not affect your diet, provided you don’t dwell on it.  When someone at the office or at home talks about things in a negative way, do not ask them to shut up.  Allow them to talk, just don’t accept what they are saying.  Remember it is your choice to allow someone to affect you and your mindset.

Of course it will be very helpful for you to remain on your diet if you can avoid meeting people you already know are negative, people who get on your nerves or rub you the wrong way. If you cannot avoid them, then take extra discipline to listen and not take it in or contribute to the conversation.

One last thing: Everything in the universe is made of energy.  When you begin to stir the energy in your life, especially positive energy, you may bring some negative to you.  This is just the universe testing the positive energy in your life, so be prepared just in case you find more things going wrong than usual.  Much like when you are on a food diet, everyone seems to be offering you sugar-filled treats, sodas, etc.  Hang in there and keep on the diet.

Be steady and do not tell anyone that you are on this diet. Keep this tremendous project strictly to yourself.  When you have completed seven consecutive days successfully, then you can tell the story to anyone.

Seven straight days of positive thoughts, with no negative in your life. If you make it to day six and then dwell on something negative, you must start the diet over.  Seven straight days is what it takes to successfully complete the diet.  You have seven weeks to accomplish this task.  If you slip off the diet, you must wait one day (twenty-four hours) to begin again.  This is why you have seven weeks to accomplish this diet.  Commitment and discipline are key.


  1. I LOVE this!  Really helped me today in particular!  thank you so much for ALL you do to inspire and support my recovery.   From: Emotional Sobriety And Food To: Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 5:21 AM Subject: [New post] The Mental Diet — How to Change Your World and Your Life in 7 Days by Emmet Fox #yiv1660369598 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1660369598 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1660369598 a.yiv1660369598primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1660369598 a.yiv1660369598primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1660369598 a.yiv1660369598primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1660369598 a.yiv1660369598primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1660369598 | Emotional Sobriety and Food posted: “This is something that I shared in our group, and I just found a copy available on-line. I hope that you enjoy this different kind of diet!The Mental DietHow to Change Your World andYour Life in 7 DaysBy Emmet FoxIt seems like wherever you go, a” | |

  2. This is wonderful and just what I needed to read this morning. I am struggling with the shortened days and the time change in 2 days – dwelling on how lousy it makes me feel and how my entire situation changes due to my resistance to what is happening and is beyond my control. I’m starting the “diet” today. I already feel better.

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