Sing The Song Of Your Soul!

Hi Everyone!

In our meeting for the past 2 weeks, some people asked for a daily writing Tenth Step and/or Fourth Step worksheet on 1 page. These are 2  attempts:

Daily Inventory and Prayers

daily writing 2-29-2016

As addicts, we like to have things black and white. However, emotional sobriety is about learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It is about balance, resilience and wisdom. As we do this work, hopefully we are polishing our souls. Everyday we a growing and changing. Therefore, our needs change.

We have to sing the song of our soul. On different days, we might have different ways that we need to become closer to God.

Therefore, please read the worksheets and let me know what your experience with them is.

As long as our intensions are pure, we cannot do this work wrong.

We have completed our workshop, and next week will be begin again.

Now is a perfect time for new people to join our workshop.

Please help “carry the message to those who still suffer.”

With blessings for recovery and peace,



About Emotional Sobriety and Food

" be able to Twelfth Step ourselves and others into emotional sobriety" - living, loving & letting go.
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One Response to Sing The Song Of Your Soul!

  1. devora says:

    love both these worksheets. Boy, do they satisfy the addict in me! Thanks Shira.

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