How to become more unselfish

How to become more unselfish:

This is an edited version along the lines of what I wrote about at the beginning of our workshop.

The goal of program is to have a spiritual transformation sufficient to bring about recovery from our addictive behaviors. Everyday, we must work our program. We cannot rest on our laurels. 

The root of our problem is selfishness and self-centeredness. By working a spiritual program of recovery, over time we practice transforming our selfishness into unselfishness. 

To change our habits takes practice, practice and more practice! 

With practice, doing the right thing, the unselfish thing, starts to become a habit. 

It is a step by step process:

We start with awareness. We become mindful and simply notice, “am I being selfish?”

Then, when we notice a selfish thought or a desire to take a selfish action, we STOP and do the opposite of what we were intending to do. 

Slowly, over time, a transformation takes place. We learn to respond differently when challenged. 

We learn to connect to others from a place of humility, love and unselfishness, rather than egotism, pride and judgement. 

We grow from within and then change from without. We behave and respond to life differently.

Like a glass that overflows, our essence spills over and seeps into everything around us. 

We become not only better people but change the world around us. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

In love and service,


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