Summary Of Our Meeting This Week

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your participation and sharing during our meeting this week.

Please be aware that our meeting is cancelled next week!

The telephone conference numbers for our group are:

Telephone conference number: (712) 775-7031 Access Code: 397-681-282

Playback recording number is: (712) 775-7029 Access Code: 397-681-282#

Playback reference number: 26

Here is the link for the MP3 from our meeting this week. 

The link to the mediafire account is posted under the recordings 2016 tab on the blog.

This week we shared on the homework for Absolute Love and the various definitions for love, beauty, fear and faith.

We read and completed story The Professor And The Paradox, which is from the AA Big Book, first edition. Here are the key points of this story.

I also found this link about the author of the story. Please read it if you have the chance.

The Professor, whose name was John updated his story for the January 1968 A.A. Grapevine. In the update he said that in A.A. we don’t just quit drinking. “We learn to change our self-centeredness, to stop running away from things we don’t like, and to remove or at least adjust our emotional shortcomings.

We do these things by taking seriously and honestly our Twelve Steps, the nearest thing to a ‘cure’ for alcoholism that anybody has yet discovered.

We learn to do these things not by just memorizing the Steps (though that is a good idea), but by attempting to live and act them each day of our lives.

And eventually, often when we least expect it, we discover that as a result of all this we are happy and contented and full of thanksgiving — something I once knew (or thought I knew) I could never be, without drinking.”

I really liked what he had to say!  I feel  it articulates beautifully the purpose of our group and how to achieve emotional sobriety.

Next time we meet, we will read and discuss the last of the 4 Absolutes, Absolute Purity, and continue with the next story in the AA Big Book.

For homework, I recommend reading the story, and noting your personal highlights of the story. I think we should read through the stories relatively quickly and share on our personal highlights.

Here is the link for the 4 Absolutes pamphlet

The plan for our group is to divide our time between doing the steps and reading from the stories in the AA Big Book.

I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with all of you!

Thank you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

“Together we can do what we can never do alone.”

In love and service,




  1. Shira,
    You are such a gift to me and all of us as we travel this road of recovery. Thank you for all you do!

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