Wanted: Higher Power


Help Wanted: Higher Power

Try this out for a little fun and a light-hearted alternative technique to explore how you would like your Higher Power to be.

The purpose of this exercise is to itemize the tasks and responsibilities that you would want your Higher Power to have.

  • What is your job description for your Higher Power (HP)?
  • What would your Higher Power have to do to create the kind of world that you would want to live in?

Pause for a moment and relax. Contemplate and being fully honest with yourself:

If you could have a perfect Higher Power:

  • What qualities would you want your Higher Power to have?
  • What would you want your Higher Power to do?
  • How would you want your Higher Power to be?

Feel free to include your childhood beliefs about religion or create your own!

With your responses draft a personal “Higher Power Wanted” Ad.

There are no wrong answers. Be honest and let your creativity flow.

Have fun!





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