How to Avoid Playing God

How to Avoid Playing God

Selfishness and self-centeredness is the root of our problem. The goal of recovery is to align our will with God’s will. The conscious discipline of choosing to do His will polishes our soul and brings us closer to Him. We become transformed and experience a spiritual awakening.

How to Avoid Playing God

1. Offer no advice. If asked, share your experience, strength and hope.

2. Listen to other people.

3. Encourage others to find their own strength.

4. Reserve judgment – at all times.

5. Admit that you don’t know all the answers.

6. Build confidence in the other person until their own judgment becomes clear.

7. Have faith in the overall rightness of God’s purpose in this world and the next.

8. Dwell on what is right instead of what is wrong.

9. Realize the core of Divine Being in each person and respect it!

10. Never discount the other person’s good intentions.

Blessings in recovery!

Posted on July 13, 2010 by recoveryonline

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