From Dependence Comes Independence 

Given that today is July 4th, American Independence Day, I thought I would share this picture. 

The original concept is not mine. It was sent to me by a friend in program.

I thought it highlighted some of the paradoxes of recovery.

Thank you!

In love and service,


About Emotional Sobriety and Food

" be able to Twelfth Step ourselves and others into emotional sobriety" - living, loving & letting go.
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6 Responses to From Dependence Comes Independence 

  1. Aidel says:

    YES! It is dependence on G-d that makes for “independence”. Independence from others, from things and even from self imposed ideas.

  2. Ashira G. says:

    Aidel – TYSM for your WISE, WISE INSIGHT here and Shira-&-friend, TY BOTH for ur BRILLIANT AWARENESS SHARE. I LOVE THE CLEVER COGNATION, as well, of
    And Shira, for ur love & service via ur awesome blog, G-D Bless.
    And Miriam G. , for ur generosity in sharing this blog w/me as u so wisely see fit,
    U KNOW how I feel.

    Sincerely & humbly,

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