Absolute Purity Homework 

I wanted to write a more simple answer to our homework on “what does it look like in my life when I am Absolutely Pure?”

Purity is the striving to see the world through the eyes of God rather than through the distortion of one’s inflated ego.


It is the growing awareness of the Godliness within all beings: there is a little bit of God within me and inside all those around me too.

When I am striving to live by the virtue of purity:

I am conscious of the presence of God throughout my day: I pause and ask God for His guidance and direction in all my thoughts, words and deeds.

I keep my conscience clean in all my actions. I do what is right, even if it is inconvenient.

I am accountable and responsible for my actions. I recognize my mistakes and resolve to change my behavior.

I practice living according to the Golden Rule: I do not do unto others what I would not have them do unto me. I ask myself, “how would I feel if everyone behaved this way?”

img_4045I am careful with my speech — I am polite. I speak the truth in my heart and I do not reveal private information. I do not gossip.

I am respectful — sensitive to the feelings and honor of another person. I do not insult, embarrass, or flatter others to get what I want.

I am careful to be fair and just. I avoid actions that could harm or cause financial or emotional pain to another person.

I forgive minor offenses.  I do not hold a grudge or seek revenge towards others.  But, I seek to resolve arguments and communicate effectively and resolve and not ignore differences.


I honor my financial commitments and respect my time and the time of others.

I live according to the principles of honesty, integrity, temperance, self-disciple and love.

This means that I follow my food plan, pray and meditate daily, look for the good in others and to be of service to others.

Lastly, I remember that recovery is a process, not a destination.



12/8/2020: this site is no longer available: recoverytoday.net/articles/80-absolute-purity-sex-but-then-some


Click to access Active_T015KNR-8.pdf


This post in document form:

Purity Homework

Soren Kierkegaard: “Purity of heart is to will one thing.”



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