The Surrender Prayer — 12 Step Work

“Step one showed us an amazing paradox: We found that we were totally unable to be rid of the alcohol obsession until we first admitted we were powerless over it.” 12&12 p.107 This first step was initially intended to help those addicted to alcohol, but it applies to much more. I admit I’m powerless over […]

via The Surrender Prayer — 12 Step Work

This was just posted on another blog and it was so perfect for our group, as we are talking about surrender right now!

Please read and let’s discuss this during our meeting on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

In love and service,



  1. Such a beautiful prayer. Very timely for me. I have so much I have to surrender. So much I need to accept as just the way God wants things to be. I am not in charge anymore: He is.a

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