Developing a Food Plan


Developing a Food Plan

Today, during our meeting, we also discussed developing a food plan and how to sponsor. The information that I shared came from a wonderful handout on how to sponsor that I found on line.

This is an excerpt of the document and what we read during the meeting.


Getting Honest About Your Food and Weight

Without a precise and honest plan of eating we waste endless hours arguing with ourselves and, ultimately, give in to our own lie that we can have just one bite and stop. Likewise, unless we consider quantity, we may not reach a healthy body weight, which is part of the definition of abstinence in OA.

One way to begin is by looking at everything you consume.

Construct a three column list of all the foods you commonly eat. Be very specific. Don’t say vegetable – name the specific vegetable and how it’s prepared. Don’t say protein – name the specific protein such as steak or chicken or fish and how they are commonly prepared. Don’t say sugar or candy – say the specific candy bar, ice cream, doughnut, cake or junk food. Include condiments, table sugar, sugar-substitutes, and salt. Leave nothing out that you eat or drink.


This is a great document about how to sponsor a newcomer through Steps 1-3. I highly recommend it and encourage everyone to print it up and us!

Here is the whole document:


In addition, there was a request for the daily writing inventory from OA. This a copy of the template used in the OA daily journal. I love it and I highly recommend it!



I am so excited about what we are doing now in our group!

Thank you all for being there and sharing your experience, strength and hope.

In love and service,



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