Forgiveness: Freedom from Resentment

forgiveness is letting go of the hope

My goal is peace of mind (also known as “sanity” or “spiritual living”). I seek to: say what needs to be said and not to feel like I need to take my words back. Therefore, my words, actions and thoughts should reflect patience, tolerance compassion and love. There is a difference between saying: “I don’t like the way things are” and “things really shouldn’t be the way they are.”

A 4th Step Resentment Prayer:

“God, please help me show those I resent the same Tolerance, Pity and Patience that I would cheerfully grant a sick friend. Help me to see that this is a sick man. Father, please show me how I can be helpful to him and save me from being angry. Lord, help me to avoid retaliation or argument. I know I can’t be helpful to all people, but at least show me how to take a kindly and tolerant view of each and every one. Thy will be done.” (AA Big Book 67:0)

As we go through the day we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action. We constantly remind ourselves we are no longer running the show, humbly saying to ourselves, many times each day, “Thy will be done.” We are then in much less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, or foolish decisions. We become much more efficient. We do not tire so easily, for we are not burning up energy foolishly as we did when we were trying to arrange life to suit ourselves.

Freedom from bondage prayer

Freedom from Bondage Prayer:

God, I take this time to become quiet and pray for _____________. I pray for _____________ to have all that I wish for myself: good health, a loving family, protection over (his/her) loved ones, peaceful moments and the inner knowing that (he/she) is good and enough. I pray that you help me change my thinking about ___________, and become more grateful to (him/her) for coming into my life as a teacher, to help me grow closer to You, God, and thus enlarge my spiritual life.

Please help me to remember that:

Just like me, __________ is seeking some happiness for (his/her) life.

Just like me, __________ is trying to avoid suffering in (his/her) life.

Just like me, __________ has known sadness, loneliness and despair.

Just like me, __________ is seeking to fulfill (his/her) needs.

Just like me, __________ is learning about life.

G-d, please bless _____________ with peace, good health, security and prosperity.

G-d, bless ______________, change me.

God, please give me an intuitive thought or decision to help me with this problem. Help me know what I should do and keep me mindful, that You are running the show. Free me from my bondage of self. Thy will be done always. Amen.” (From the thoughts on pg. 86)

Dear God,

Please help me. Lord please remove my anger, resentments and fear. Please replace them with gratitude for what I do have, patience in knowing that You have a plan for my life, faithfulness in the fact that You love me and want the best for me and trust in You, that you will always provide what I need If I keep close to you and perform your works well. Help me to be honest with my family and to let them know what has happened today so that as a loving family we may get through this crisis with the least damage. And Father, help me to be a Good Steward of the gifts You have already given me. Amen.

Repeat daily each morning following inventory and until change comes:

God, I realize that the people who wronged me are perhaps spiritually blocked people. I ask you to help me show them the same tolerance, pity, and patience that I would cheerfully grant a sick friend. Please show me how to be helpful to those I resent, and save me from my anger. Show me where I have been selfish, self-seeking, dishonest or fear-based, thus causing my own trouble, and relieve me of the notion that I have to retaliate or that I am a victim.

I ask too that You relieve me of all my fears, worries, and doubts. I pray that You will start immediately to make all decisions for me. Until my pain and suffering leave, please help me realize that both are leading to positive change in my life.

In all my relations, I ask for Your guidance. Please give me a vision of a sane and sound ideal in my sex relations (and all relationships), and let me imagine what might happen in my life were I able to move closer to the idea! I have been trying to glimpse. Thank you, God. AMEN.

What is happening that you need to say “I love this” about? (Explain why you will not only accept it, but love it)

Today I will say several times: “Whatever.” “I must get rid of that belief.” “I have no opinion to express about that.”

Make a list of things that don’t mean a thing in this life, as revealed by your own experience or the experiences others have shared, and then read them daily.



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