Program of Recovery Tools

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This was something that my first sponsor told me to do when I started program.  It is something that  I have tried to follow ever since.

Program of Recovery Tools

  • Ask G-d for an abstinent day.
  • Pray every day: this can be your personal prayers according to your tradition, program prayers
  • Quiet time daily
  • Call Sponsor
  • Follow food plan: weight and measure every day
  • Writing: 5 G’s, on literature, your food for the day, step work
  • Read 1 page out of the BB
  • Read other program literature
  • Attend 3 meetings a week
  • Make 3 phone calls/day
  • Anonymity
  • Service: what did you do for others?

It works if you work it, now work it, you’re worth it!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

With blessings for recovery and peace,


Program of Recovery Tools

Program of Recovery Tools





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