How To Make Step 10 A Habit?

phontoHi Everyone!

I thought I would post some questions for us to contemplate on Step 10:


How to make Step 10 a habit:

Keep a diary of an accurate self-appraisal and each day.

  • List the amends that have been made or are to be made.
  • List the defects involved.
  • Examine my motives in each thought or act.
  • Ask God to remove these defects.
  • Turn my thoughts to doing service.

Questions to ponder:

What is the connection between behavior, thoughts, feelings, actions and character defects?

How does identifying my wrongs change my behavior?

How does identifying and correcting my wrongs transform my character defects into assets?

Which defects can be obstacles to Step 10?

What does this mean “when you were wrong, promptly admit it”?

Is the process of taking an inventory as important as admitting when we are wrong? Discuss.

If I am in the habit of admitting my wrongs, over time, do I find it easier or harder to identify and admit my wrongs?

These questions are from the worksheet that I wrote for our group.


In love and service,




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