Meditation From Our Group This Week

How to Meditate and Talk to God – Simple Meditation Instructions

How to Meditate and Talk to God – Simple Meditation Instructions

Try this daily!

Choose a quiet place.

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair.

Sit with your back straight, but not rigid.

Align your head, neck and shoulders with each other.

Place your feet on the floor and rest your hands gently on your lap.

Bring your attention to the room where you are sitting.

Hear the sounds. Feel your body. Notice your breathing.

Breathing in and out naturally through your nose, focus your awareness on your breath, the actual sensations of breathing.

Feel the air at the tip of your nose, over your lip, and the stretching of your abdomen as it rises and falls with each breath.

As you breathe in, allow the abdomen to rise and fill up with air like a balloon. Briefly hold your breath, and then slowly exhale. Briefly hold your breath again, and then inhale slowly, without rushing. (It may be helpful to count from 1-5 as you breathe in, and then from 1-6 as you breathe out.) Repeat this cycle of abdominal breathing up to 5 times.

Now, take a moment to visualize a connection to God and feel His presence.

If you like, visualize a connection to God like a stream of water washing over you.

Next, take a few minutes and write down everything that you want in your life, right now. On this list, write all your wants — anything that is blocking you off from God and from connecting to Him.

Now, for 1 minute, talk to God out loud, and thank Him for everything that you want, as if He has already given it to you.

Next, take a moment and think of one area where you are currently being challenged.

Is there anyone that you feel angry or resentful towards?

If so, take the time now to pray for them and forgive them;  or pray for them and pray for the willingness to forgive them.

Is there anything that you did which harmed or hurt another person?

What did you do?

Apologize to God, and to yourself.  If you harmed someone else, visualize acting differently, and commit to apologizing to them.

What is the character defect that caused the harm?

How can you improve? Commit to doing one thing to help change this behavior and resolve to act differently. Speak to God out loud and tell Him what you are willing to do differently.

Consider, the underlying question: How would God have me be?

For example: rather than be selfish, God would have me be unselfish;

Rather than fearful, God would have me faithful;

rather than be dishonest, God would have me be honest.

Now, take a moment and show God your list, and say, out loud, “God, this is my list of wants. But, what I really want is to be close to You and to do Your will. Please take this list, and please show me and guide me how to take the next right step so I can do Your will always.”

Now, spend a few moments to contemplate: Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I be of service to others?

Focus your awareness on being grateful. Take a moment, and out loud, thank God for everything He has given you and for this opportunity to connect to Him and feel His presence.

Conclude this meditation by asking God for the opportunity to speak with Him again tomorrow.




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