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surrender-yes-copyHi Everyone!

Please forgive the late notice of this post. However, I was so inspired by our meeting last week that I have spent the whole week thinking about it.

In my travels through Google-land, I came across a few interesting documents on surrender, relapse, abstinence, and the steps.  With the group’s permission, I would like to explore these topics more. I think that willingness to surrender to a food plan and the program of recovery as outlined in the AA Big Book is very important and fits with our discussion on the first 3 steps.

Here are several documents that I would like use to read and discuss in our group tomorrow. Naturally, it is not possible to cover everything, but, “recovery begins with the first step.”



This is a good introduction to surrender:


This is from NA on the spiritual principle of surrender. I think it is excellent!


There is a wonderful handout fromOA that has the appendix of the OA Brown Book on the disease of the body, mind and spirit. Although we read them before, I think that they are really helpful for understanding the disease of compulsive overeating and addiction.

This is something that has a very nice description of food addiction and surrender, written by Barbara, plus some very nice slogans on this topic:


These are from the same website that also wrote The Unpopular Guides that we read for Steps 10, 11 and 12.




One of my favorite blogs, posted the following questions about surrender, which I thought might be helpful to guide our discussion:

Surrender questions

Do I want to fit my life around AA or AA around my life?

Do I want spiritual growth and a spiritual awakening for their own sake or only in as far as they help me realize my own plans?

Do I still believe that my plans for happiness will work or do I believe that only God’s will for me can bring happiness?

Am I happy simply to serve God for the sake of serving God or do I still want God to serve me?

Do my prayers reflect the former or the latter?

Am I consistent with my AA actions?

When I put other things first do I admit it or do I rationalize?

Am I still driven by money, sex, power, prestige, comfort, thrills, and appearance?

Am I now ready to give up and just serve?

Finally, there is a wonderful section in A New Pair Of Glasses by Chuck C. that I really want us to read as a group. It fits perfectly!

I am very excited that we are going to be reading this in our group!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning.

In love and service,



Posted 9th July 2014 by First 164


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